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Migraines and headaches

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We provide migraines and headaches treatments
Migraine is chronic headache. Around 40 000 people visit GP for help. WHO put migraines as 3rd most prevalent medical condition and the 2nd most disabling neurological disorder in the world. Pain can be on one side or both sides the head. If you suffer with migraines, you probably describe it as pulsing, throbbing, or banging pain in your head. Some people need to stay in very quiet and dark room until migraines settle down. Some taking painkillers. They last 4-72 hrs but some people have them everyday for few days or weeks.
➡️Risk factor
▪️Missed meals
▪️Luck of sleeping
▪️Family history of migraines
▪️Adolescence for the first migraine
➡️How we treat it
▪️Mobilisation face muscles
▪️Manipulation jaws joint
▪️Soft tissue mobilisation neck muscles
▪️Advice and education
▪️Make a plan to reduce migraine tablets to minimum

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