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Ear Wax Removal

Up to 30 minutes:

Our earwax removal treatment uses microsuction technology carried out by our trained and accredited ear care practitioners.

The Gold-Standard Microsuction Technology with high-resolution digital otoscopy camera system allow us to take video and photograph images of the ear wax condition which will be stored safely and securely in the cloud for you to access after the treatment. It is quick, comfortable, and pain-free service.

Hearing Screening – £15

Consultation and examination – £35

Consultation and examination with 1 wax removal – £55

Consultation and examination with 2 wax removal – £65

Earwax, also known as cerumen, is a substance in the ear canal of humans which protects our skin from bacteria, fungi, dust, and water and support in cleaning and lubrication. Earwax can be a problem if built-up too much or stuck in the ear canal.

If you experience of hearing loss, itchiness, dizziness, blocked ear, odour, earache or ear infections, tinnitus, discharge in the ear you may have excessive wax in the ears.

What you can expect on your first visit

You need 5 days preparation for removing wax before you book an appointment. In 5 days, you need to apply olive or Earol oil into your ear canal twice a day to soften wax in your ear. This will improve the efficiency of the microsuction procedure.

On the day of appointment, you will be asked a few questions about your ear history and current symptoms. Then both ears will be checked by a professional using a special otoscopy camera. The therapist will talk to you about your ear wax condition and chose the best treatment plan.

The actual procedure itself normally takes around 15 minutes to complete but please allow 30 minutes in total. In most cases, relief is instant. If you’re happy to continue the treatment the professional removes the wax.

If the earwax cannot be removed in the first session you may need to book a follow-up appointment. Continue using ear oil for another 5 days before your next appointment.

What is included?

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