Dedicated to fast, safe & effective care

We provide general, sports, pregnancy and post natal physiotherapy to enable patients to get back to doing the things they want to do and feel great. Our goal is to offer you the best and latest treatments in order to relieve your symptoms and quickly restore your function.

Our goal is to offer you the best and latest treatments in order to relieve your symptoms and quickly restore your function.

Our priority is to provide you with fast, safe and effective care.

We are located in Yate near Bristol.

Typical conditions we treat

Biomechanical problems, tennis elbow/golf elbow, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritic conditions, neck & back pain, neurological condition (e.g. sciatica), surgery & illness rehab, joint/muscle and tendon pain (e.g SIJ), scar manipulation, fibromyalgia and sport injuries

Meet the team

  • Mrs Maggie Mugglestone MSc MCSP physio

    Owner and lead Chartered Physiotherapist

    Mrs Maggie Mugglestone MSc MCSP physio's Profile

    Maggie graduated from University in Poland in 2010 with a Master Degree in Physiotherapy and sport massage.

    Maggie is a highly skilled, knowledgeable Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy reg no 98212 and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council reg no PH107766

    She specialises in the treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, nerve problems, pregnancy and post natal issues and sporting injuries. She is also the neck expert physio.

    Typical conditions treated include joint, muscle, ligament, tendon and nerve injuries.

  • Ms Kirsten Wing MSc sports therapist

    sport massage therapist/sport rehabilitation therapist

    Ms Kirsten Wing MSc sports therapist's Profile

    Consulting therapist Kirsten qualified as a MSc Sports therapist back in 2019 after studying at University of West England, Hartpury College. Kirsten has worked in various sporting settings both in and out of clinics, while balancing her own sporting interests- Summer internship in private biomechanics clinic, Physiotherapy Summer Internship, MSK Therapist Volunteer, Soft Tissue Therapist and Physiotherapy and Sports Science Practitioner. Currently a PhD candidate at the Univeristy of Gloucetershire evaluating the Boing project. Part time Therapist in professional sport. Researching contemporary issues in Coach Education, Welfare, Injury Epidemiology, Physiotherapy and Medical Technology. Passionate about youth and practirioner development. Their current project is 'The role of cognitive fatigue on landing mechanics'.

  • Mr David Mugglestone

    Clinic manager

    Mr David Mugglestone's Profile

    David joined the team in late 2019. After 20 years as a freelance Event manager and activities instructor a change of pace was required. Resposibilites now include managing social media advertising, new business, admin and supporting the team in the daily running of the clinic.

  • Ms Ashleigh Watson BSc (hons) Sports therapy

    Sports therapist

    Ms Ashleigh Watson BSc (hons) Sports therapy's Profile

    Resident therapist Ashleigh Watson BSc (hons) sports therapy MSST joined us in early 2021 following the same route Kirsten had studying at both Hartbury college and Gloucestershire University. 

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