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Based in Yate, we provide physiotherapy services, sports/deep tissue massage plus much more.

Our award winning team is on hand six days a week to offer the latest treatments to help relieve symptoms and restore function.


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Our Commitment To You...

" to offer you the best and latest treatments in order to relieve your symptoms and quickly restore your function"


Miss Maggie Mugglestone MSc MCSP ACPIN MMACP Physio

Our Services

Physiotherapy Assessment

We carry out a comprehensive medical assessment and physical examination enabling our therapists to provide the most effective treatment possible.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a therapeutic massage treatment using very light pressure and long, gentle, rhythmic strokes to increase the flow of lymph and reducing toxins in your body

Physiotherapy Treatment

Our therapists use the latest techniques, technologies and hands on treatments to diagnose and treat the problem.

Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax removal uses the latest microsuction technology to painlessly remove excess wax build up in the ear canal. If you suffer from hearing loss, itchiness, dizziness or ear ache, this treatment could be for you.

Pregnancy/Post Natal Massage

Your body undergoes extreme changes and many women experience problems such as fatigue, headaches, sciatica and pain. We can help!

Injection Therapy

Hyaluronic injections are designed to provide long-term relief in Osteoarthritis (OA). They help decrease pain and stiffness and improve the other symptoms of OA and can be used in the knee, or in any of the other joints in the body that are classified as ‘synovial’

Sports / Deep Tissue Massage

Sports massage is a form of massage based on manipulation of soft tissue and has many benefits for people engaged in regular physical activity.

Sports Injury Assessment

Following a comprehensive history taking and physical examination we will make a diagnosis of your condition. This is the key to providing a fast and effective solution to your problems. We’ll then discuss specific treatment options and agree a plan formulated to suit your personal needs.

Conditions Treated

Some of the conditions we treat:

Want to discuss your condition before booking? Get in touch with our team today.

What People Say

Based on 58 reviews
Jam Spandex
Jam Spandex
Maggie was excellent ! Very professional and very convenient - my mum is deaf and bed ridden, and so getting someone to visit to help clean her ears so that she can hear with her hearing aids, is not always so straight forward. Of the many people we have used in the over the years, Maggie was the most convenient and helpful., and exceptionally good value. She is very friendly, yet very professional and she was so good, that my Father made an appointment also for the following week. I can thorough recommend Maggie without any hesitation and the next time any of us have any issues, Maggie will be my first point of call, I genuinely can not recommend her highly enough.
Michał Karolak
Michał Karolak
Under Magie's expert guidance, I received exceptional care and professional service during my physiotherapy sessions. Her expertise was invaluable in addressing issues I've struggled with for years. Moreover, I believe the rest of the team provides equally great service, creating a supportive and effective environment. I'm immensely grateful for their dedication and highly recommend their outstanding care to anyone in need of physiotherapy.
James Stephens-Lewis
James Stephens-Lewis
Maggie was fantastic. She really got to the bottom of my shoulder and back pain, and was spot on with her estimates of how many sessions would be needed to remedy. Treatment was not rushed, and it worked.
tom der
tom der
Maggie is incredibly professional and good at what she does. Every issue I went with e.g. foot heel or hip, she was able to quickly recognise the source and address it.
Laran Rastelli
Laran Rastelli
Absolutely amazing service! For about a decade I struggled with major shoulder issues, being unable to move my arms after waking up, decreased range of motion, and muscular weakness. I had no idea what the cause was or how to fix it, and after seeing three (3) different NHS physios over that period of time, not one of them was able to provide me with any relief. Within 20 mins of seeing Maggie, she had identified the real cause of my issue (significant neck damage) and had already provided me with relief. We then developed a plan and schedule for treatment, and after following this I was finally able to use my arms like a normal person, without being in constant pain. I've been able to live like this for about 8 months since treatment, and only now am I encountering some smaller issues due to an unrelated neck injury I recently picked up. I will definitely be visiting Maggie and the team about this soon, they've found solutions for me when no one else could. If you need any sort of physiotherapy or massage, skip the NHS and come straight to Physio Help 4 You, the (reasonable) price is undoubtedly worth it.
Robert Wright
Robert Wright
Had 8 appointments with Maggie, she helped my shoulder and my thumb to get better. A lovely lady, and an excellent service all round. If you see this Maggie : I told you I'd be nice.😉 Thank you.
Simon Long
Simon Long
Maggie and Woyzeck are both possessed with the physio's magic touch!! My dodgy limbs and behaviour have taken me to Physio Help 4 You several times during the past year. On each occasion I have left relieved, restored and armed with some great advice and exercises. They are both fantastic!
Joanna Rojkowska
Joanna Rojkowska
The movement in my arm was very minimal when I came to Maggie. She worked with me and guided me through the pain and struggle.....kept me reasurred and well informed about expected progress. My arm is much better now. Although the hard work still continues I see so much improvement. Thank you Maggie for your professionalism and hard work. Maggie is very accomplished and effective physiotherapist in my opinion.
Caroline Flynn
Caroline Flynn
I had injured my knee and after getting nowhere waiting for the NHS I went to see Maggie. She explained what the problem was and that it was worse because I had waited so long before getting treatment but I have my last treatment today and I can’t believe it! I am walking normally. Going up and down stairs no problem. I can kneel and even squat! I had been in so much pain I am totally thrilled! Thank you so much Maggie you have given me back quality of life!
Will Coomber
Will Coomber
Excellent physio. I’ve had a fairly long standing neck complaint that I thought was beyond improvement. But in 4 sessions Maggie has made the world of difference. Very happy with the treatment.
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