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Pregnancy / Post Natal Massage

Up to 45 minutes: £60

What you can expect on your first visit

It’s really important to look after yourself when you are expecting.

Your body undergoes extreme changes and many women experience problems such as fatigue, headaches, sciatica and pain.

After having a baby you will need to be able to cope with lifting, changing and feeding baby as well as manoeuvring baby carriers and car seats. All these activities require a strong back, pelvis and abdominal muscles. We also do scar tissue mobilisation.

What is included?

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Cropped view of masseur doing massage of belly to pregnant girl on massage table
Beautiful young physiotherapist woman massaging tummy on pregnant woman on a stretcher at home.

Prenatal massage is a type of manual manipulation therapy where the therapist’s hands provide gentle and slow massage on the tension muscles and soft tissues.

After pregnancy massage you can expect relaxation, decrease pain and tension muscle, better movement,  better sleep.

Some benefits of a prenatal massage can include relaxation and reduce stress, reduce muscle tension, reduce swelling in hands and feet, relief of emotional tension, improve sleeping, reduce anxiety and depression, reduce sciatica pain, improve circulation, improve leg cramps, education and advice. 

Pregnancy is a stressful but happy moment in female life. Pregnant massage is slow gentle movement by the therapist’s hands and relieves stress, muscle tension, anxiety, headaches, pain and aches. Conversation with therapists who provide advice also confides in you about pregnancy and post natal. 

The best time for prenatal massage is the second and third trimester.  First trimester is not good due to the risk of miscarriage, increased dizziness or morning sickness. But If you need a massage during the first times you need to make sure that therapist gives you green light and is insured to do massage in the first trimester