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Sports Injury Assessment

45 minutes: £65

What you can expect on your first visit

Following a comprehensive history taking and physical examination we will make a diagnosis of your condition. This is the key to providing a fast and effective solution to your problems. We’ll then discuss specific treatment options and agree a plan formulated to suit your personal needs.

Note that this assessment also includes a treatment

Patients should wear loose, comfy clothing that will not restrict movement so our therapist can correctly assess your level of mobility.

What is included?

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Sport injury

Common Sports Injuries we treat include sprains, patellofemoral syndrome, brain injury, shoulder dislocation, tennis elbow, Achilles tendon, fractures,  MCL/ACL tear.

Shockwave therapy, electrotherapy, strength muscles and deep tissue massage, exercises, advice and education on how to prevent injury.

Ice, heat, elevate, rest, gentle exercises, advice, education, self massage.

KT tape can help with sports injuries. If KT tape is applied correctly, skin is lifted  from the tissue and decompresses or compresses the pain area. Lymphatic fluid is able to flow rather than build up. In that way KT tape improves pressure on body tussie to increase pain and aches.

Hands-on therapy can help a lot if a sports injury happens.By reducing swelling, bruising decrease pain and aches and improve strength and range of motion healing the sport injury is faster.