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Cryotherapy- 60% faster healing with the newest equipment

Cryotherapy or cold therapy is a simple, non-invasive, non-aggressive treatment technique that involves exposing the body or specific body parts to cold temperatures.

If you are after an injury or surgery, cryotherapy, due to combining cold and compression, plays an important role in reducing the recovery time.

An innovative cold compression therapy device does not require the use of ice or water which means it is much easier and more accurate to implement, making treatment more effective and results faster.

Used for:

• pain relief- managing acute injuries or post-surgical pain

• joint condition like arthritis, osteoarthritis rheumatoid arthritis

• improve muscle motor skills

• connective tissue stiffness decreases

• Better venous blood supply and increased blood circulation

• anti-inflammatory

• swelling

• increased tissue viscoelastic properties

• improved lymphatic circulation

• accelerating the healing process

• Post-traumatic edema

• bruising – hematoma

• Class I – II – III muscle tears

• Tendon injuries

• ligament damage

• Bursitis

• overload injuries

• tendon injury

• fractures

• scars

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