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Here at Physiohelp4you we are, as everyone else should be, taking all appropriate precautions to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic currently affecting us all.

As a registered health care professional Maggie is aware and implementing all safe guards necessary to ensure we continue to provide fast, safe and effective care to all our patients.

The clinic is kept clean using hopspital grade products and all towels are deep cleaned daily as per policy. One-time paper materials are bagged and removed after use. UK goverment guidelines and advice are being constantly monitored and any changes will be implemented swiftly.

We ask all patients attending the clinic to use their common sense and maintain high standards of hygiene especially hands and fingertips. Hand gel is provided at the clinic and must be used on entering and leaving the premises.

Patients who feel they may be unwell or in a high risk group must contact the office on 07514432260 before attending. Please consider others – we will honour all pre-paid appointments and cancellations.

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