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Excessive Lateral Pressure Syndrome (ELPS)

ELPS or lateral patellar compression syndrome is the abnormal lateral tilt of the knee cup. This is conditions where patella does not stay in the central part of femur and it does not glide over the femur as it should. In the results there is inflammation and swelling which can cause pain. ELPS starts when between lateral and medial muscles is imbalance.  

How we can treat it?

Physiotherapy is the key! Initial assessment is to find out how weak is the muscle, what caused it and make a plan how to fix it.  Firstly – reduce inflammation to restoring normal function of the quad muscle- so lots of ice and electrotherapy NMES. Next step is decrease the stiffness in the lateral tissues of the knee. Then strength weak medial muscles and stabilize the kneecap by exercises and k-taping. 

Long-term ELPS can caused chondropathy and patellofemoral OA. In this case the best solution is lubricate the joint by hyaluronic injection and physiotherapy.

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