We can treat a wide range of conditions

GYMNA 400 Combination Therapy Unit

Up to 30 minute: £75

What you can expect on your first visit

Electro, laser and ultrasound therapy delivered pain free in one session.

The Gymna 400 combination therapy unit uses some of the latest technology to deliver fast, safe and pain free effective care.

Professional Class 2 laser, electrotherapy ( unidirectional currents/ diadynamic currents/ TENS currents/ NMES currents/ interferential currents/ microcurrent/ high voltage ) and ultrasound capable of treating a wide variety of conditions and diseases.

Cut your expected recovery time compared to hands on physio by up to 50%.

Treat up to three areas of discomfort simultaneously in the same session.

Note: Previous Initial physiotherapy assessment required

What is included?

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